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It gives me great pleasure to write this reference letter for my good friend Mr. Joe Berlyak. I have known Joe for two years and have been extremely impressed with him in a multitude of ways. I am sure that it is likewise as well due to the fact that I am personally endorsing his abilities to you in this regard. I was first impressed with Joe because of his patriotism and loyalty to this fine country that we are all blessed to be a citizen of.

However, the more that I got to know Joe I was even more impressed with his knowledge of government, history and the Constitution and all the other rights and laws that this country has and how they were beautifully bestowed upon us. I work as a surgical technologist and also have a business degree with a total of six years of college under my belt. My brother has a bachelors degree in Political Science with a minor in history and we talk of these subjects on an almost daily basis. I must say that Joe's knowledge on this subject matter is above ours and I don’t say that lightly.

Lastly, I would like to expound on a trait that I take very seriously and that is his parenting and spousal skills. Like his knowledge of Political Science they are beyond reproach. I have watched Joe interact with his children and partner in life and one could only wish that every American male would mirror him in these regard’s. Joe would be an asset to any entity seeking his time, wisdom and energy and I hope him the very best in this effort. 

Bill N.


I’ve been privileged enough to know Joe Berlyak for a little over a year now, and I can honestly say that I’ve never met someone that has done more research, and embodies more knowledge of not only our Constitution, but all of our Founding Documents, and our Founding Fathers, as well. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t learn something new from him. He takes the time to break down each Article in the Constitution, and relates it to what is happening in the world today, and how we can, and should, use it to defend our great nation. 

Mr. Berlyak is an educator of the highest regard. I believe that college professors could learn from him. What strikes me the most is that he is self-educated on this topic, taking time out of his day to continually learn. He is the type of person that our Founding Fathers wanted us all to be when they created this nation. I don’t believe you could do any better than to employ him, and his vast knowledge, in teaching the children. 

Chad C.  


In regards to Joe Berlyak’s abilities and broad knowledge of the founding documents and how to convey them to others, I find him of the highest caliber with the unique ability to relate the founding documents to our present time and with our every day lives. I know of no one with the in-depth understanding of all of this. I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Joe Berlyak for your program.

Chris M.


I commend Mr. Joseph Berlyak as a tremendous resource and leader in the cause for justice, education, and the restoration of the American government to its rightful place: A Republic administrated via Constitutional Law and Order. Along with being a family man, machinist, and United States Navy Veteran, Joe is the founder and host of his own live feed radio network, The Patriot Watch. Through the Patriot Watch and its companion show, The Truthful Rhetoric, Joe disseminates unadulterated knowledge of American History, the Founding Fathers and Documents, current events within our government, and every aspect regarding our beloved U.S. Constitution: including its rights, freedoms, and along with that, sacred and unchanging duties and obligations required of us, the American citizenry.    

As the Bible says, we find ourselves living in "perilous times" (2 Tim. 3). An irredeemably corrupted government, unchallenged Dark forces, a woefully uneducated and manipulated public, and an ever increasing sense (and reality) of chaos and liberties lost mark our daily lives today. Joe, and men like him, are an irreplaceable source of resolve, education, and desperately needed leadership for the concerned citizens of our nation. As a follower of his media, and fellow citizen and believer in the proper form of American government, to whom it may concern, I fully endorse, and support, the person and causes of Mr. Joseph Berlyak. 

Joseph M.


I feel very confident in what I am writing here to you about Joe Berlyak. I have personally watched Joe for years and can say he truly knows about our history. Joe is well-educated on 1) Our Declaration of Independence, 2) Our Constitution of the United States of America, 3) The Bill of Rights, 4) Excellent leadership and 5) Our founding fathers. Joe is professional, inspirational, intelligent and kind-hearted. He will be a good teacher for children. I wish my children had Joe as their history teacher. They would have been well educated on our American history. 

Lisa S.


Joe Berlyak is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. He has a strong grasp of what our founding documents are about. He has a unique way of teaching that is easy to understand. I have listened to him talk extensively about the history of our country. This includes the Constitution, our founding fathers and the events that have led to where we are now. I strongly recommend listening to anything he shares on these subjects.

Lynn P.


It has been my pleasure and privilege to have followed Mr. Joe Berlyak on his radio program, “The Patriot Watch Radio Network” and I have become an avid listener and follower. Mr. Berlyak's leadership qualities which include enthusiasm and professionalism; along with his interpersonal skills and his ability to create a learning-centered environment where active learning can take place enables Mr. Berlyak to reach and connect to his audience.

Mr. Berlyak's teaching strengths and positive qualities are numerous, and his dedication is sincere. I write this letter of reference with conviction. He is extraordinarily talented at connecting with his listeners and educating in a creative and engaging fashion. Mr. Berlyak's conviction, knowledge, and love of our Constitution make him a committed educator on the topic of our Constitution.

The Constitution contains the most important rules of our political system and when related to our government it is a single governing document that outlines the role of our government. Mr. Berlyak's knowledge of our Constitution will make him a huge contribution to whichever project he educates at next. It has been my pleasure to know Mr. Joe Berlyak. He is a hardworking, well organized, honest, and committed educator who has given much to his radio listeners. He enjoys the feedback and respect of his listeners as well.

Marianne P.

I have had the pleasure & honor of getting to know Joe Berlyak for sometime now. We have had many lengthy conversations about our country’s pulse, history & founding documents. While interacting with Joe I see how unparalleled his knowledgeable is in regards to how our country works & more importantly, how it should work as our founding fathers set in motion nearly a quarter of a millennial ago. One can not mistake for a moment that Joe is a true red white & blue patriot that is tirelessly dedicated to holding our elected representatives accountable & even We The People for that matter, particularly in regards to how our founding documents clearly shows We The People how to address a redress or the lack thereof. I consider myself an Originalist Constitutionalist & I pal in comparison to Joe Berlyak & his in depth knowledge of our founding documents & he impresses me every time I interact with this gentlemen.

Both Joe & myself served our nation & I would have loved to have served with him & can contest to the fact I consider Joe a situational leader to say the least. 

Michael L.

This letter is not just a reference but a letter of recommendation of the highest caliber. I have known Joe Berlyak for a long time. I can honestly say I would trust him with my life and the lives of my children. His knowledge and experience on our founding documents has taught me a lot that I didn't know. I think he is a wonderful, sincere human being. There is no one more capable of teaching our youth. I look forward to bringing my grandchildren up there when this begins and am excited for this. I probably live a good ways away. This is an opportunity I hope can spread to multiple libraries. You truly want to embrace this opportunity! As we all do. I hope this is one we can all participate in and look forward to!

Paige S.

I am writing to provide a reference for Joe Berlyak, a gentleman I have had the pleasure of knowing for several years. Joe has a well studied knowledge of our nation's founding documents, and Joe often uses this knowledge to educate the community. Unfortunately, this is an area of study of which most American's are sadly ignorant and Joe Berlyak shares his knowledge and is looked up to as a leader in the community. Joe claims bloodline ties to two of this nations greatest patriots and statesmen, Generals George Washington and Robert E. Lee. Joe takes his heritage very seriously, and his actions as a leader in the patriot community reflect this. Joe also has served honorably in the U.S. Navy and this is also reflected in his character and desires to continue to serve his community and the nation he loves so much.

Paul A.

I have been friends with Joe Berlyak for awhile now and I can tell you he has extensive knowledge of our founding documents. And has a way of explaining them that everyone can understand. He's s true leader by every means and has a passion for this country like I've never seen. He is a veteran and a patriot. And a true American. His love for his country and fellow man is unequaled. He has my 100% support in any endeavor he takes on. 

Richard R.

My friend Mr Berlyak is well educated in our laws and Constitution. He has done extensive research on the matter. He has knowledge that has been lost . I feel everyone needs to listen to this man. He knows what he's talking about.

Ricky W.

This letter is in regards to Joe’s knowledge of our history of the founding documents that our forefathers created. Joe has extensive knowledge and study of our Constitution, its wording, definitions as well as its historical backgrounds. Joe’s knowledge has proven to be exemplary.

Robert E.

I have been friends and a follower of Mr. Joe Berlyak on Facebook for almost a year now and have learned more about our Founding Documents in that short time span then I did in all the years of public schooling. We need someone like him to educate our youth on the importance of our Founding Documents and the great sacrifices that were made to bring our freedoms and rights into fruition. Lord knows that our youth need educated in these things. In regards to Joe as a person, he is a very trustworthy and standup gentleman and fellow vet. This is one of his many callings in life.

Tommy S.

It’s my pleasure to recommend my boss, Veteran Joseph R. Berlyak to educate our fellow Americans on our Founding Fathers & Founding Documents. I’ve known Joe for a couple of years and can attest to his strength of character and compassion for others. As Producer of, “The Patriot Watch Radio Network”, and a stay at home Mom of three children, it was important for me to be able to work from home and the fact that I lived in another State wasn’t a problem. Since working with him, I have learned that Joe is an actively contributing member of his community. He is an outstanding speaker for our youth, and adults, too. He is well versed on our Constitution, and he excels in leadership.  He is well respected by everyone; he’s not only my boss but a great friend, and mentor.

I first saw Joe when I saw him speak on YouTube which piqued my interest to want to learn more. I went to his website, and was pleasantly surprised at the plethora of information that was there.  My father is an Army Veteran and I was raised to respect for our Veterans and I have a very patriotic family. I was pleased with what I saw and I knew this was a step in the right direction. I wanted to be able to speak to my children about the importance of our Constitution and what a great gift our Founders left us. Joe took the time to answer any questions I had and was very responsive. I knew then, that I wanted to share what I had learned and offered my help with the Radio Network and luckily, he accepted. I have been proudly working for him ever since.

Joe is very professional, thoughtful, reliable, and passionate; a man with integrity. I highly recommend him as a public speaker on our Founding Fathers and Founding Documents. With his energetic personality, and commitment to this Country and her people, I can say without a doubt that you will not be disappointed. Please feel free to contact me for any further information. Thank you for your consideration.

Valerie R.