Patriot Watch Media

What can you expect?

This media was originally entitled, The Patriot Watch Radio Network. However, it has since had a massive face-lift and a different approach has been implemented! Your hosts, Joe, Jim, Tammy and Kach discuss a wide range of topics that deal with government corruption, our founding documents, founding fathers and everything in between. They speak of subjects that others are afraid of! They achieve this with facts, common sense and TRUE American history.

This, new and improved, media is intended to be smack-you-in-the-face intense, educational, direct, truthful and politically INcorrect!


The Empowering Positivity show airs "live" every Sunday at 8 pm Eastern

The Geo Report show airs "live" every Monday  at 8 pm Eastern.

The Wednesday show airs "live" every Wednesday at 8 pm Eastern.

The Trigger Warning show airs "live" every Thursday at 9 pm Eastern.

How can I tune in to the show?

Tune in to the "live" show by clicking the following link:

NOTE: In order to tune in "live" on ZOOM, you have to first download the "ZOOM Cloud Meeting" app on your mobile device or go to on your desktop, and create a FREE account.

You can always tune in through the following link on YouTube and watch the replays as well.

Patriot Watch Media - YouTube Live

What is the mission of the show?

The mission consists of four goals; 1) To wake our countrymen to the reality of national and international political affairs 2) Educate our countrymen on said affairs 3) Get them to critically think on a collective scale and 4) Together search for viable solutions to the vast and crucial issues that plague this great nation. The hosts strive to accomplish this by educating with facts, common sense and true American history.

The opportunity to flourish has become more attainable than ever before. This has been made possible as a result of Mainstream Media, Alternative News and the three branches of American government propagating falsehoods for generations now. People are craving to be told the truth and nothing but the truth.

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Patriot Watch Media educates their countrymen on the Constitution and other founding documents as well as bring awareness to serious local, State and national issues such as the many levels of government corruption, your unalienable rights being taken away, unconstitutional laws, the family courts destroying the American family, pedophilia, sustainable development, institutionalized indoctrination centers society calls schools and so much more!

Effective leadership and unity is not going to come from any level of government, a politician, mainstream media, major corporation, non-governmental organizations and the like. It is going to come from We The People. It is We The People that make America great; not a politician.

Patriot Watch Media survives by monthly pledges through Patreon. This helps them to continue bringing awareness and educating as many Americans as they possibly can with the truth. They will not feed you some story, as many radio show hosts do, by telling you a certain dollar amount gets you some kind of secret access to any content. They provide the truth at all times; no secrets, no gimmicks. The typical monthly pledge is only $5.00.

In a way of giving back, the hosts of Patriot Watch Media have monthly giveaways in a drawing for their patrons! You never know what you're going to get!

Visit Patriot Watch Media on Patreon HERE to make your monthly pledge today and help them continue to strive for effective leadership, knowledge and unity in this great nation.